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Hosted with Heidi Quigley from Northwestern Mutual we noshed on pizza, charcuterie, and of course the famous Tradesman croissants. Everyone was happy to welcome Spring and to celebrate the guests’ upcoming milestones: purchasing investment property, upcoming nuptials, and fabulous vacations.  

We bid farewell to Mandy and Gareth as they embark on a travel adventure that has them circling the globe early next year!  

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If you’re looking to make quality connections while having a great night out in a beautiful place then Social by Cheri is the place to be.
— Travis Fowle
It has been a privilege to attend every Social by Cheri event so far. Each time, the food was great, the vibe upbeat, and the people fantastic. I was fortunate to be introduced to some of the city’s newer venues, and lucky to have met new friends and business connections. I look forward to seeing everyone again at the next event!
— D.P. Dapic
Cheri is able to find the things that connect people who seemingly would not have anything in common and bring them together.
— Phil Naslund
Social by Cheri is one of the greatest events to hit Boston! I wouldn’t miss these recurring opportunities to meet amazing people, eat incredible food, get cool party favors and make life-changing connections for work, home buying, and so much more. I have had a blast at every Social by Cheri event I’ve attended! I can’t wait for the next one.
— Alison Rosenblum